Terms & Agreements

The following information is a guideline to how I can provide you with quality service:

Animals should not be watered or fed at least 6  hours before shearing. 

I would prefer to not administer shots or worming medications at the time of shearing. Shearing is a stressful experience and the adrenaline can negate the value of the vaccine and/or cause unwanted reaction in the animal. 

Please have your animals confined upon my arrival near the area you plan to have me shearing in. I will need a solid, flat shearing surface at least 8'x8' in size for sheep and goats, and at least twice that amount for alpacas and llama. Please ask for specifics. 

Access to electricity is greatly appreciated, but not always necessary. 

I value quality and gentle treatment over speed. Many factors can contribute to how many animals I can shear per hour. 

Shearing involves a set of sharp, fast moving shears. The danger of cuts on both animal and shearer are ever-present. Shearing is, however, a necessary activity to maintain the health of your animals. You should have basic first aid necessities for your animals. I do carry a good, general first aid kit. 


Should I cut myself during the shearing process, I will not expect you to pay my medical bills. Likewise, should your animal be accidentally cut during shearing, it will be your responsibility to determine whether veterinary care is needed and to provide it. I will not be held liable for damages of this sort. 


By scheduling an appointment with me, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.